MDLive Prime

     It is never convenient to get sick.  Whether it happens when you are on vacation or in the middle of a project at work, who wants to take the time to see a doctor?  Between the hassle of finding a doctor or urgent care, waiting to be seen, or having an expensive copay- minor health problems can be a huge disruption in addition to being uncomfortable.

     ISU Barich Insurance can offer you a solution.  With MDLive Prime you can connect to a doctor, get treatment, AND get prescriptions 24/7/365 over the phone or via the mobile app.   70% of all office visits can be handled over the phone- using MDLive prime can save you time and money without the inconvenience of sitting in a waiting room.  

     MDLive Prime is available for employer groups, individuals, and families.  For employer groups, the employee PLUS their family are all included for one rate.  This means that instead of your employee having to take a half day to take his daughter to Urgent Care for strep throat (and possibly paying a costly copay), your employee's daughter can actually call MDLive Prime herself to describe her symptoms or there can be a joint call.  You can even schedule a phone appointment for a specific time that works for you.

     The top 10 common health issues are: allergies, bronchitis, ear problems, sore throat, sinusitis, pink eye, strep throat, respiratory infection, urinary tract infection, and rashes.  For a small monthly fee, MDLive prime has doctors that can diagnose, treat, and prescribe (if needed) for an array of non-emergency medical issues.  In addition, behavioral health services, second opinions, and pharmacy benefits are also included.

     Give us a call today at (909) 793-9683 if you, your family, or your business is interested in learning more.  Feeling sick is never enjoyable but at least the road to recovery can be simplified and less time consuming.

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