Insuring Your Jewelry

Tis the Season for gift giving…and receiving!  With Christmas, Chanukah, Valentine’s Day, or another special occasion that passed by recently, you may be the lucky recipient of a beautiful new piece of jewelry.  Whether it is an Engagement ring or a gold necklace, you will want to make sure your new gift is properly insured.

Many people assume that their jewelry is covered under their Homeowners or Renters Policies.  Standard policies often come with limits up to $1,500 for pricier items like jewelry, furs, electronics, etc. which means if your new piece is valued at more than this, you will not be reimbursed for the difference.  In addition, these policies don’t cover accidental loss.  What would happen if your new tennis bracelet was stolen or left behind after a day at the beach?

Luckily, you have options.  You can “schedule” your jewelry which means that the piece(s) are listed separately and not included with your other personal property.  To do this we will need the receipt (if possible), an appraisal, certificates (for gemstones), and pictures (especially important for your own records).  This is often referred to as a “floater.”  You can also buy broader blanket coverage for these items on your Homeowners or Renters policy.  

You protect your home and car from damage and theft- do the same for your valuable jewelry.  For more information and to figure out what option is best for you, call our office at (909) 793-9683 today. 

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