California Earthquake Insurance with ICAT

     Are you concerned how an Earthquake could affect your home here in California?  The cost to rebuild your home, replace your personal contents, and cover living expenses can be astronomical.  Most Homeowners policies do not cover damage and loss by Earthquakes and as a result, many Californians are underinsured and underprepared. 

     A recent USGS study puts the odds of having a magnitude 6.7 (the same magnitude as the 1994 Northridge Earthquake) or greater quake in California at more than 99% during the next 30 years.  The question is not if, but when, an Earthquake will occur in California.  Many individuals falsely assume government agencies like FEMA will help cover their losses but this is not the case.  Basic needs like shelter and food will be met but all other costs are on the Homeowner.

     ISU Barich Insurance has partnered with ICAT, an elite provider of catastrophe insurance to homeowners and business owners in catastrophe-exposed regions of the United States.  We are now able to offer affordable, flexible, and complete residential earthquake insurance that will ensure you can live comfortably and rebuild your life after a loss.  Give us a call today at (909) 793-9683 to inquire about an ICAT policy and have peace of mind when it comes to an Earthquake. 

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